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Pennington Books

In a family full of storytellers it’s not surprising that a few of them would turn out to be writers. Eunice Pennington started writing her stories at a young age. She would go on to write several articles, short stories, and books in multiple genres. Her son, Albert, would also write a book and be featured in several publications as well. Below are links to books currently in publication. In the future, we hope to offer some select titles and signed copies of Big Boy here as well.

Kindle eBooks and paperback copies can be purchased on Amazon.

Eunice Pennington

Eunice and D.D. Pennington

Works by Eunice Pennington:


History of Carter County

History of the Ozarks

Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Paperback Available

Children’s Books

Black Boy The Story of a Pup

Perry, The Pet Pig

Paperback Available


Cortreva’s Mysterious Shadow

Paperback Available

Master of the Mountains

Paperback Available

The Ladybird Mystery

Paperback Available

Back Row Right: Albert Joe Pennington, Maggie Pennington, Eunice Pennington
Front: Bobbie Roshone (nee Pennington), D.D. Pennington, Paula Harrelson (nee Pennington).

Albert Joe Pennington

Albert Pennington

Works by Albert Pennington:

Paperback Available

Big Boy now available at Crafton Auto Parts in Van Buren, Missouri

Paperback Available
Co-Wrote with Eunice and D.D.
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